Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eating alone means never having to say you're sorry...

...for having sushi and seaweed salad for breakfast.

Serious Eats' Weekend Cook and Tell challenge was "Going Solo." Past weeks were easy for me to pass up, as one was cooking with wine (I become tipsy on fumes and hence don't really drink) and burgers (I'm a vegetarian). However, as I live alone, and frequently dine alone, it seemed like there was no excuse not to participate. However, I quickly experienced feelings of inadequacy--I was sure that people on the board would make perfect little meals, complete with fresh flowers in a glass and note how they froze the rest of the nine gallons of bouillabaisse they made for the next natural disaster/holiday.

Truthfully, many times I agree with the sentiment once expressed in an episode of "Cheers" by Sam that the best thing about living alone is being able to have doughnuts for dinner. Now, I love doughnuts--in fact, when I debated in college, my favorite thing about going to the Vassar tournament was the quality of the bakery doughnuts they served for breakfast. I used to starve myself beforehand, and pretty much live for the entire duration of the tournament on the enormous spread they left for we hungry hordes of college students. I can recall with great fondness the homemade Italian doughnuts...especially the chocolate mousse-filled powered doughnuts...even though they left me sugar-frosted for all of my rounds...

I have come a long way nutritionally from my doughnut college days. But as I work out in the morning, I still love a nice, substantial breakfast, and sometimes leftover Wegmans' avocado roll sushi and sesame seaweed salad is what I need.

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