Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The best laid plans...

Oh dear readers, I had such plans for the new year. To start blogging. Cooking, riding, ice skating--all in the first week. To truly do things I had never done before (skating, baking em, chocolate chip cookies--baby steps, baby steps) and to do things better like horseback riding that my pathetic 34-year-old arse is attempting after a long, shall we say 'hiatus.'

Then, this happened:

Ah, the joys of the little red pill. Yep, I'm sick. Just dragging ye old carcass around today was an effort, let alone doing anything terribly exciting to delight my presumably captive readership.

However, I do assure you that this is the 'hard stuff'--the kind with pseudoephedrine in it--I had to sign for it behind the pharmacy counter! I felt like such a bad ass! This is as close as I get, living on the edge of the law, seeing if I purchase two whole packs of generic Sudafed will alert me to the federal authorities as a dangerously addled, stuffy-nosed woman!

I feel as though I should post something on a plate, given all the fashionable bloggers seem to do that:

Ahhh....little, red, better....kind of like the stare of my little dog.

See how mean I am? I bathed her! I'm the most evilist dog owner in the world, hahaha!

Tomorrow will be better.

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