Monday, January 26, 2009

Yogurt--Least sexy food?

I try not to eat too much dairy and get my calcium from non-animal sources, but I do like my Fage. Imagine my disappointment when my favorite bland of thick, pasty yogurt that makes me feel as though I'm eating cake icing even though it is really good for me was out at Wegman's. Crisis!

Undaunted, I decided to make my own Greek yogurt. After all, my father is Greek, right? So I bought some starter....

Haha! Who do you take me for? The Pioneer Woman? Nope. But I did do the 'make your own yogurt technique of placing a spaghetti colander over a bowl, covering the colander with coffee filters, and then putting the 'normal' ghetto-price Dannon 50 cent yogurt on top, and letting the water drain for a few hours until it had a nice, strained Greek consistency, albiet still with some 'Dannon' tang. I also put another filter and a bowl on top of it to make it drain even more.

Here is my makeshift yogurt 'maker' (aka drainer) with the Dannon hiding beneath:

Then, comes the 'reveal,' as I take off the bowl on top....

And you can see what I mean about the least sexy food in the world It tastes great. But then, so does icing and ice cream before they are spread or scooped. Of course, it would help if the colander wasn't white. And my bowl.
But alas...
Anyway, I can definately see why 'the yogurt people' have used cartoons, Go-Gurt dispensers, and faux flavors and colorful candy stir-ins to make yogurt more palatable to the masses. Next time Fage is in I will probably spring for the $1.79 it costs at Wegman's, too, simply because the quality of the milk tastes better to me.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The white "egg" looking stuff on top of the Nutella graham crackers is toasted marshmallow creme. So good.

  2. Yes, not that sexy, but good, and that is all that matters.